Every day our bodies are contaminated with toxins (poisons) which consist of metabolic waste products neither expected nor from outside the human body, through food, drink and air. The more air pollution in the environment and the more toxins we get from food and drink, the greater the chance for our bodies to accumulate toxins, so that can cause various diseases. The simplest symptom that is in the body we have a lot of toxins is sweat that smells bad, easy to get dizzy, nausea, drowsiness and body feels weak even though you have eaten and rested enough.

Naturally, humans actually have the power to take care of their health because human endowed with the lungs, intestines, liver and kidneys one of its main functions is aimed at cleaning toxins. This strength will weaken if there is no incomplete nutritional intake, so that it will affect the function of other organs.

Detoxification is the process of neutralizing and expending access to remove toxins from the body or better known as internal cleansing. This process is useful for removing all kinds of substances that are not needed by the body. The main detoxes part in our body are the liver, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system and skin. Because our bodies are made up of interconnected organs, it will get optimal benefits if detox is done in an integrated manner with physical exercise. And the most important thing is practice mentally and spiritually like fasting. This last detox is not only healthy physically, but also can purify and increase the sensitivity of the mind as well our feelings and spiritual.

The wrong diet or unhealthy behavior will carry the charge to that harm in the body. Fasting at least once a month which is done throughout the year can be used as a routine agenda to get the benefits of regular detox that can normalize return the body’s metabolic processes, purify or purify the blood and body, accelerate the recovery / rejuvenation of dead cells, accelerate work of the body’s important organs, and improve blood circulation and excretory system body through feces, urine and sweat. If we are not used to it, it is better if we start training ourselves from now on to get used to detoxifying the body naturally through fasting.


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