Generally, meditation practice is done in conjunction with chanting a mantra. Chanting is a widespread practice almost all over the world. This practice has shown benefits for increasing attention and reducing symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety.

In Buddhist meditation practice the mantra that is often chanted is Om. Om (or Aum) is the sacred and sacred syllable in the religions of India, namely Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Om is also spelled Oṃ, known in Sanskrit as praṇava (Cosmic Sound) or auṃkara (also spelled Omkara, literally syllable auṃ). Om is usually pronounced as a long or loud rounded, nearly closed vowel that is singled out. It is contained in the beginning of Hindus/Buddhist mantras as the most sacred word that is recited at the introduction and at the end of the scripture recitation or before starting a prayer or mantra.

Chanting Om for 10 minutes will increase attention, a positive mood and increase feelings of social cohesion. It is based on the experience of chanters that vocal chanting will have a greater effect than silent chanting and continued chants will show a stronger effect. 


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