13th – 15th February 2021
Bali Eco Stay, Tabanan

Valentine’s Day Retreat

Upgrade and Transform Your Relationships

You may want to consider a retreat on this upcoming special day? Or perhaps just need to take some time to reconnect?

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.”

Have you ever heard this before?

This retreat is for those who want to connect deeper to their relationship with themselves… partner… family… friend… and nature!

Relationships heal when each person understands what their significant other has been feeling and maintain the way of interacting, connecting, understanding, and accepting both personalities and behavior.

This retreat will be held in a tranquil, cozy, and beautiful setting, enabling you to receive the best present moment with your partner while reestablishing and improving your relationship. The program is unique as it includes discussions, talks, role plays, exercises, a healthy lifestyle, and combines a romantic staycation experience as well.


➢ Increase harmony with yourself, your partner, and surrounding
➢ Empower yourself and set yourself free from being not your real-self
➢ Improve understanding and bonding with yourself and your partner
➢ Mind and digital detox – it’s your special day
➢ Rest from unwanted conflicts and arguments
➢ Cultivate inner peace and healthy relationship
➢ Discover true, unconditional joy, and acceptance

What makes this retreat SPECIAL?

While partners’ retreats are often very intensive, with a lot of psychological work packed into a few days, we carefully crafted this special retreat for you to not be overwhelming. Instead for you to relax and enjoy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones which allows you to have space and time to process your feelings and insights.

Valentine’s Day Retreat

Whether you join the retreat alone or with a partner, you will still enjoy the benefits of this specially designed retreat. You will get to deepen the knowledge of yourself and thus help improve the quality of your relationships. As the saying goes, “Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.”

Puravedic Food

PuraVeda is the food system we use to nourish you whilst simultaneously connecting you back to yourself, your body and the land. We have taken ancient Ayurvedic practices and created a purer version of them. Hence the name PuraVeda. By consuming Puravedic food you will be energized and cleansed to achieve alignment of mind, body and spirit.

Farm to Table

We source the vegetables directly from our gardens. Most produce loses its nutrients within 24 hours after harvesting. By sourcing locally, we can get the ingredients quicker while at peak freshness and full of nutrients. You get food that not only tastes exceptionally better but is packed full of the natural vitamins that promote better health.

Mindfulness Activities

Mindfulness practices such as yoga, qigong, breathing exercises, and meditation can help you increase mental clarity and reduce anxiety. Mindfulness helps us to be less reactive to stressors and to recover better from stress when we experience it.

Bio-Metric Evaluation

The term biometrics originally means “measurement of life”. You will get a biometric evaluation on your physical, emotional, and mental state. With this evaluation, you will find out about your energy levels and other aspects of your health in details.

Tea Ceremony

A tea ceremony is a great way to meditate as you relish in the calm and stillness of simply having a hot cup of tea. A tea ceremony is a silent meditation, as you focus on the tea and yourself. As you drink tea, you also meditate and relish in the calm and stillness.



Touch down and settle down. Have your first Puravedic lunch, a pure and nutritious meal from the local source, farm to table. Enjoy the freshness!

Introduction about Nirmana, opening talk, getting comfy, and getting to know other participants.

Participants will be introduced to Bio-Metric Measurement and will be explained in detail for its impact on daily life.

Followed by a talk about the importance of being your real self in a relationship. Will be an interesting topic and interactive approach.

Enjoy your Puravedic dinner with healthy and pure Puravedic foods which is really great to clean your body to let out toxins from the body, making sure that the participant understands the principle of Puravedic foods and the better for the body.

Closed by a harmonious and heart-warming ancient tea ceremony to ease the atmosphere and feel relaxed through the nights and prepared for the exciting full-day journey the next day.


It’s Valentine’s Day. Deepen your relationship knowledge and bonding and be your real self.

Enjoy your first Puravedic breakfast to keep you moving and energized throughout the day.

When the last time you write your love letter? Are you ready for another one on this second day? Get ready and be yourself… through the letter, pour what your heart says.

Begin your Tantra Meditation as a piece of knowledge and principle that you can implement in your relationship to improve the harmony.

Puravedic lunch to top-up your energy

A special talk about attachment in the relationship and how it affecting your life and decision.

Art Class. Be present, forget your digital life, enjoy the moment with yourself, with your partner. Pamper yourself to the most!

Get your beautiful dress out, it’s time for a romantic candlelight Puravedic dinner.

The day is closed by a sacred cacao ceremony sharing circle.

day 3 – integrate & EXPLORE

Start with a gentle Qi Qong session in the morning to learn how to focus your chi inside your body.

Last breakfast for the super nutritious Puravedic breakfast menu which will keep you energized.

Be prepared for this excitement for the secret guided excursion. After all of the bonding exercise, this will be so much surprise and fun for you.

Last Puravedic lunch and farewell before you head to your own premises.


The island of Bali is one of the few natural health and healing centers in the world

Tens of thousands of people travel to the Island of the Gods every year for detoxification. Bali is one of the few precious places left on earth where an ancient, nature-based culture and a community of health and awareness thrives to support and nourish you physically, emotionally or spiritually.


Blue Karma Hotel, Ubud

Find rejuvenation among the lush green view of rice paddies, the hanging banyan trees, and mountainous surroundings of Ubud. The small town named after the Balinese word “ubad”, which means medicine, is a spiritual and cultural center of the island, and might also be dubbed as the world’s capital of spiritual retreats. Famed for its healing powers, people have been coming to Ubud for centuries to cure their ailments. Find the healing you’ve been looking for at the Blue Karma Hotel Ubud. As one of the best Ubud boutique hotels for those who desire peace and relaxation on their holidays, Blue Karma Hotel Ubud provide a delightful and rejuvenating experience with massage, yoga shala, unmatched closeness with nature, and a view that feels like paradise.


Novia Pratama

Novia is a certified 200 hour yoga teacher based in Bali, Indonesia. She has been teaching at a number of prestigious yoga studios, schools, and retreat centres since 2016 and has gained over 5,000 hours of teaching experience. As much as yoga poses are important, she likes to incorporate mindfulness meditation as well as breathing exercises into the yoga practice. From her teaching experience, she has gained skills to tailor yoga sessions according to the body of the student and carefully adjust the alignment in any pose to get deeper into the practice. Through yoga, Novia aims to teach the power of presence and mindfulness, and help students in the journey of connecting with their true selves.

Brandon ‘Bodhi’ Denton

With a background in Botany, Ecology, & Permaculture Design, Bodhi’s vision of Woven Earth took shape through his community connections in Nepal and Indonesia, and the dedicated work of the global WE team. He resides in Bali where he manages various experiential learning programs and eco-social projects. Woven Earth (WE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering ecological balance and community resilience worldwide. WE achieve this by creating projects and programs which promote regenerative-design practices and integrate local traditions. WE, aside from being an organization, are an interwoven community of people around the globe dedicated to holistic social and ecological activism.

Ellen Natalia

Ellen Natalia S.Gz is a nutritionist and business consultant in Bali. After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawijaya in 2015, she started her career at Siloam International Hospital Bali 2016 as a permanent resident Nutritionist, speaker at health seminars / workshops and is currently the coordinator of several health retreats in Bali.

Jonwin Lee

Jonwin Lee is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and Medical Qigong as well as a practitioner and teacher of Chinese Metaphysics, including Astrology, Feng Shui and I Ching. He uses these ancient Chinese arts and sciences for the purpose of helping others to achieve a more balanced life.


  • 3 days and 2 nights stay at Blue Karma Hotel
  • High vibrational Puravedic food
  • Workshops and Talks on Self Awareness and Attachment Styles
  • Mindfulness exercises such as Qigong, Yoga, Meditation
  • 1x Biometric health evaluation
  • Tea ceremony
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Secret excursion

Private Room (Queen Bed)

Rp 4,999,000 per couple 

Shared Room (Single Bed)

Rp 2,999,000 per person


Ari Naryana

Personal Assistant

I had such a unique experience which was full of self-discovery. Really liked the materials and activities. At Nirmana I was given a deeper understanding of self care. I learned to build and understand a healthier mindset, love myself more, eat healthier, experience permaculture and farm to table too. The facilitators were also fun and very informative. I highly recommend Nirmana Retreat for your journey!

Dea Sihotang

Travel Blogger

I learned a lot from Nirmana retreat. Starting from learning to open up to others, getting to know myself better and also getting to know the practical things I have to do to become a better person. Highly recommended if you are looking for a weekend retreat to transform your life.

Seni Sundari

Business Executive

My experience attending Nirmana retreat really impressed me for my life changed for the better. I discovered the values of life that we sometimes forget, the importance of our physical and spiritual health and beliefs to have an impact on the real world. So, for those of you who need inspiration and transformation, Nirmana is the right place to start.

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